Ask knot what string theory can do for you...        Emil Martinec

I am a Professor of Physics in the Physics Department, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College of the University of Chicago and a member of the particle theory group. My research focuses on string theory and particle physics.  For online overviews of string theory, see the article in Science , or follow links from google or yahoo .   For further information on my research, see my CV, or a research blurb. You can also check out my papers since 1991 from, or all papers from Spires.


For 2014-2015, I will be co-teaching Physics P449, Conformal Field Theory; web pages for P449 are under continuous (re)construction.

Lecture Notes, Reviews, and some older papers not on the preprint archive at

Defects, Decay, and Dissipated States 2002 Cargese lectures

The D1-D5 System A brief tour of the connections between D-branes, conformal field theory, and string theory on anti-De Sitter space.

Black holes and the phases of brane thermodynamics 1999 Cargese lectures

M-theory and N=2 Strings 1997 Cargese lectures

Criticalities, Catastrophies, and Compactifications Contribution to the Knizhnik Memorial Volume, on the relation between singularity theory, N=2 Landau-Ginsburg models, and string compactifications

String Calculus: Conformal Field Theory as a Tool in String Theory 1987 Trieste lectures

Conformal Invariance, Supersymmetry, and String Theory On the use of 2d conformal field theory to quantize string dynamics (article with D. Friedan and S. Shenker)

Online talks:

Strings98:  The D-star and its decays

1998 ITP Duality Workshop:   Mapping CFT to geometry

KIAS 2000 Summer Workshop on Branes:    The relevance of tachyons

PIMS Seminar on String Theory:    D-branes as noncommutative solitons

2003 ITP Superstring Cosmology Workshop:   Having the World on a String -- Toy models of inflation and cosmology

To contact me:

Enrico Fermi Institute Room 283
University of Chicago
5640 S. Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637-1433
Office: 773-702-7118  Fax: 773-834-2222
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