Working with me

I am taking graduate student working towards Ph.D. Basic knowledge of quantum field theory is required.

I also advise advanced undergraduate students on research projects. I would strongly recommend taking quantum field theory.

We expect to have one or more postdoc positions in the high energy theory group every year.

Previous students and postdocs 

  • Graduate students

- Matthew Low, Postdoc, Institute of Advanced Study,  2015-2018

- David Krohn, Simons fellow, Harvard, 2010 - 2014.

- Josh Ruderman, Miller Fellow, Berkeley, 2011. (co-sponsored with N. Arkani-Hamed)

-Wenhan Zhu, graduated in 2011. 

  • Postdocs.

- Andrew Long, 2015-2018, Junior faculty, Rice U.

- Andrea Tesi, 2014-2017, Junior faculty, INFN/U. Florence.

- Brian Batell, 2011-2014, Junior faculty, University of Pittsburgh.

-I. Yavin, 2006-2009. Junior faculty, Perimeter Inst.  and McMaster. 

-Jiji Fan, 2009-2012. Junior faculty, Syracuse University.  

  • Undergraduate students.

- Anson Hook, 2007-2008. Graduate study at Stanford.

- Christina Popa, 2009-2011.  Graduate study at Harvard.